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Empowering Educators: Transforming Learning with Data-Driven Insights

With the increased use of data, learning analytics is vital in ensuring the success of students and educators. It can help predict future events, better understand student performance, support continuous improvement, and promote inclusive solutions.

At ACM Analytics, we use research-based analytics to create metrics and clarify patterns to better understand students, teachers, and education leaders and to improve learning outcomes for students and the education system.


We offer:


Data governance support, implementation, and assessment: We can assess your current state and provide recommendations for improvement that aligns with data governance principles.


Project and agile process training: This can help educators and school leaders to manage projects more effectively, optimize the learning process, and improve satisfaction levels.

Empowering Educators with ACMStats™

Our experts developed the ACMStats™ SaaS software to empower educators with data-driven insights to make informed decisions. It enhances student data capabilities by combining various data sources, such as student profile information, with course marks to notify educators of student underachievement or success.


ACMStats™ uses dynamic data to make data-driven adjustments through powerful cloud-based dashboards that offer unlimited customization and years of data, downloadable reports, single Sign-On (SSO), and real-time data.


We work with you to develop intuitive reporting systems and analytics-backed dashboards illuminating data for parents, educators, education leaders and district administrators. Our dashboards can be customized to help users visualize their data and answer analytical questions across multiple data sources.

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