At ACM Analytics, Data Analytics is our passion!

Headquartered in Northern Virginia, ACM Analytics has a single mission: to provide a wide array of data analytic services to businesses large and small because we believe in the importance of data-driven decisions. We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop customized, unique analytical solutions.


Our professionals have decades of combined experience in healthcare, public health, and economics, using data such as demographics, census, mortality and morbidity, community and mental health, microeconomic data, and healthcare claims.

Our Goal

Data is being collected at an increasing rate from different sources. We leverage our capabilities and experience to help you solve your strategic challenges. Our goal is to provide you with data-driven business solutions that are both efficient and adaptable.

Our Methodologies: Let Your Data Speak

We have extensive experience in sampling and extrapolation, data analysis/data mining, predictive analytics, and quantitative impact assessment. Our cross-industry experience allows us to apply the best methodology to analyze and manipulate your data, and generate information to guide your business decisions.


Analyzing the context of each problem through the application of Subject Matter Expertise is the core of our approach and an essential step to defining the best analytical methods for achieving relevant results. We provide solutions driven by your data, based on quantitative methods that make the results directly relevant to your business.