Data Mining/Statistical Analysis

Businesses have increasing amounts of data available from both internal and external sources.  ACM Analytics can help you to identify and extract strategically useful information through its use of data mining and statistical analysis.

ACM Analytics has extensive experience conducting data analysis on various types of data - healthcare data, demographic data, public health data, publicly available government data, quality data, and economic data. Our data experts are skilled in analyzing large amounts of data with the goal of avoiding false patterns and identifying truly significant results in the data - effective knowledge discovery.

Typically the stages of knowledge discovery involve: (1) descriptive statistics, which intends to provide insights about the data with some key summary numbers; and then (2) statistical modeling, which aims to reveal and quantify the underlying relationships among variables in the data. We will use various methodologies to develop customized solutions to solve your real-world problems.​ Some of the methods we may utilize:

Descriptive Statistics

Whenever a new data source becomes available the very first step of the knowledge discovery process involves running descriptive statistics, which summarizes data into smaller and more useful nuggets of information.